633 and Email LED indicator


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The 633 module has everything I want it seems, except one thing-------I want it to be able to go to my Pop 3 server----check for any email----then----if there is any----it would trigger a red LED to start blinking.

After Outlook has downloaded the mail off the server-----the email indicator would stop blinking.

The 633 has all the fan and temp sensors I need----and is the right size. I'd just really like this little extra email feature feature.

Is there a way to set a hook in CrystalControl to do this???

Thanks-----John Risney
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CF Tech

As far as hardware is concerned, you could use one of the fan connectors to drive the LED (do not forget the current limiting resistor). Eaiser yet, the software could just flash the backlight--like a short double-blink every 2-3 seconds.

But software would be the sticking point here--I do not know if there are any plans to make CC do anything like that.