632 serial hang in WinXP


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I'm experiencing hangs of the CrystalControl in WinXP after having it run for a minute or less.

This occured in 2 different hardware systems (an ASUS A7V8X and an ABIT NF7 motherboard) both with WinXP SP1 clean install.

In addition have I tried to let it run at the lowest data transfer rate supported by the device of 2400b/s.

My other sys components are 2x512MB corsair, Radeon 9800Pro, m-audio revo 7.1, ASUS TV card, SCSI controllers, netgear LAN card.
when the crystalcontrol crashes it will take up to 24MB of RAM.

What made me curious:
When I go into the task manager and check CrystalControl for 'Set Priority' it is set as 'High'. All other processes are doing fine with 'normal'.

I tried setting it to 'normal' manually, but the program will still hang.

I was reading through the posts but it seems to me that the hang issue has not been resolved yet.

event viewer logs:

Hanging application CrystalControl.exe, version, hang module hungapp, version, hang address 0x00000000.


Fault bucket 40170035.
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