632 screen cycling possible??


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considering purchasing a lcd unit to display stats. my question is does the current software availalbe allow you to cycle thru the various screens?

that is, would it be possible to display stats on memory usage for a few seconds.....then change over to harddrive stats........then a few seconds later change to another screen...and loop like this?

or, do you need to change the screens manually thru the software each time?

if it's possible to get it to cycle screens, i can get the 632 - cause i really don't want to take up 2 bays with the 634.

thanks for reading this,
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CF Tech

Just download CrystalControl and try it out. It has a "Sim LCD" that allows you to play with it without having any actual LCD.

That being said, then answer to your questiosn is "yes" :)


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thanks. exactly what i needed. was scared to install the sw and not have the device present.

i did search the forums for keywords like rotate, and cycle but all i got were hits for flipping the display and showing negative displays???

just want to cycle stats on the display...and keep a 5 1/4 drive bay open. and few minutes of fildding with cc did just that.

nice service here. glad i posted.
also , kudo to highspeedpc.com for helping me on this question as well