632 init of com1 failed


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i have had the 632 in my pc problem free for a month or so... my pc bluescreened a few nights ago and when i restarted i got an error code as follows in w2k sp2:


init of "com1" failed.
the module will be disabled until it is reconfigured.

i get the crystal fonts boot screen on the lcd and the backlight works fine... after i get this message i only get a blinking cursor top left of the screen.

i have reinstalled the drivers for the com port and tried all settings - hardware and software (w/ reinstallation of crystal control)...

any suggestions?
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hmmmmm try uninstalling the com ports then reinstalling everything. if this doesn't work: uninstall the ports again and unplug the LCD, boot up the computer. turn it off. hook everything back up and try it again. other than that i would ahve formatted it a long time ago.
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i've tried everything short of reinstalling my OS.. i'd like to hear from the experts before i jump to conclusions...

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Maybe MWP would have a suggestion. Definitely sounds like an OS hiccup. My first reaction would be to delete the COM ports and then re-detect them (as Patricksmalley1 suggested). Do the COM ports show up in Device Manager? Do they agree with the ones shown in the BIOS?

CF Mark

What com port are you talking about here?
Is it a com port on your motherboard, or is it on a PCI/ISA card?

If its on the motherboard, its pretty weird that it would then have specific drivers, as just about every com port since i can remember all use the same drivers (the ones that come with windows).