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Hey everyone,

Having a problem here. I have the 632 16x2 LCD. I had it connected to a Renesas Microcontroller Dev board and using embedded C, I was able to send it text to display. Everything was working fine in one lab, then when I went to another lab, it stopped working. Now, no matter what information I send to the LCD, all it does is print "}" repeatedly, somewhat like this


Any ideas on what could be the problem? I'm using the same exact code that I used in my first lab, and it doesn't seem to be working anymore even though I haven't changed anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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That is pretty odd. Does it show the welcome/boot screen correctly? Does the screen fill completely right away, or does it fill as characters are added?
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Same here...

Unfortunately, I'm running into the same problem (or at least was). I had my 634 LCD configured to interface with a Basic Stamp and mounted. As I powered it up for the first time i was disappointed and confused to see that the screen completely filled up with } (all 4x20 chars) and the contrast was set really high. I disconnected everything and began to diagnose the problem. I realized that after some time (the typical boot screen time) the blinking cursor would appear. I reconfigured the LCD to accept RS-232 commands and began to send characters to the screen with my laptop. Unfortunately, all characters that I would send would display with }. I sent a reset command to the LCD several times. It appears that the CGROM has reset but several problems still exist. Characters send to the screen sometimes but never the characters that I send. I sent the command to display all characters in the Crystal Fontz test program. Garble filled the screen for several seconds and low and behold the boot screen appeared! I thought for once the LCD fixed itself. (Note past tense) I began to type characters to the screen and the same stuff still happens. Sometimes a character pops up, sometimes not, never the character that I actually sent. Anyways, if anyone has a clue as to what is going on, I'd appreciate it. In the meantime I have ordered a new LCD to continue my work.