632 Boot Screen


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I have been attempting to set up a boot screen for the 632 using Wintest. I am able to display what I would like saved, issue the save command and set it to display it at boot. (\009\006\009\003). However, when I remove power from the LCD or issue a load eeprom (\009\006) I get a slightly garbled version of the boot screen that I had configured. Some characters appear right, others do not. I have allowed ample time (> 800mS) for the write to eeprom to occur.
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Garbled Boot Screen Characters (632)

Hi, I'm using the latest version of the Boot Screen setter program, and when I type in the message I want for the boot screen, everything shows up fine. So I click 'Save to EEPROM', and everything still looks OK. Then I click 'Test (Soft Reboot)', and when my 632 comes back up, a number of the characters are garbled (eg all the t's are replaced with a different character). This happens exactly the same way everytime I try it.

What can I do?


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There might be a bad EEPROM chip on the module. Please write support(at)crystalfontz(dot)com (edit to '@' & '.') and we will open a ticket.
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