632 1.3 Serial Help?


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I just purchased a 1.3 632 off of ebay, i am having issues setting it up. First off all i know the unit works because i have tested it on an old laptop with win95 and i got the unit to work. My specs for my computer.

WinXP Home
Amd 3000+ s939
Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe Mobo

The motherboard does not have a serial conncection on the back, but it does have a serial ribbon inside of the case that becomes a serial port on the back of the pc. (Addon Cable , not PCI card).

When i plug in the unit nothing whatsoever comes on, unlike when i plugged it into the Win95 laptop. I know the serial port is COM1, and that it works as i have used a serial cradle for my palm Vx. So i have no clue what to do.

I have run wintest, and most of the lcd "driver: (more like controller) software and nothing works. I also have slackware 10.1 (linux) and i was planning to get that to work but as of yet i have not had time.

Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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CF Tech

There are two different variants of the "serial motherboard header" one needs a standard cable, the other needs a kind of funky cross-over arrangement.

The USB thing will probably work fine.


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Ok thanks for the header info, is there any way to change a cross over header to a null header, using a cable or so?


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Thanks alot, any chance i could get a link to a wiring scheme to that cable so i could kitbash it myself from a straight through ribbon cable.

CF Tech

You can see everything in the pic--that is why we used the rainbow cable ;)

Basically he odds get separated from the evens, the odds crowd to the top of the connector, the evens to the bottom.

It does this:
01  02
03  04
05  06
07  08
09  10


01  10
02  09
03  08
04  07
05  06