631 keypad outputs?


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I just installed my 631, I might add, without a hitch, and it works great for my needs, which is primarily as a systems monitor. Using CrytalControl and MBM, I can monitor just about anything I desire, no problem. I do have a usual noob question regarding the keypad. Is is possible to access the keystrobe lines, say for use in controlling something? What I have in mind is using the strobe to toggle a flipflop, which in turn, will either turn on, or off, and control device, like a relay, for instance, using a driver transistor. I noticed a connector which isn't mentioned in the pdf file, that I am hoping might let me access the signals I'd need to pull this off. I imagine this connector would be where the expansion module for fan control and temp monitoring would connect, then again, this is merely supposition on my part.

Speaking of the module mentioned above, I'll be among the first to order one once they become available. I can think of several temps I'd like to monitor that my present hardware just isn't capable of, and to have that in addition to the amount of things I can already keep an eye on, would truly be the icing on the cake. Outstanding product, service, and delivery. A big slice of happy pie to both CF, and FedEx. :D

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USB LCD Displays - Graphic and Character LCDs with a Keypad

CF Tech

I am glad the install of your LCD went well.

Thank you for your kind words on our service.

The key support will happen with a future software support.

To control some kind of external device, you would need the future S.C.A.B. (System Cooling Accessory Board ;) ). No firm schedule on the release of that yet.

To do the relays and what not, you could use one of the SCAB's fan outputs.


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I'll defintely be waiting on the release of the product, and will order one as soon as they become available. Is there any additional information regarding the features and so forth available, or is that still under development? From what I have been able to determine, it will control 4 fans, and allow the monitoring of 32 temps, correct? I really don't have much use for the fan aspect, as I intend to convert my system over to water cooling, and won't be using that many fans requiring control, however, being the fanatic about monitoring things that I am, I would be ecstatic over being able to monitor individual component temp over the standard CPU, GPU and so forth. I'd like to be able to monitor various input and output temps in the cooling loop, along with other specific components, say the MOSFETs, for instance.