631 CPU Usage


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Just got the 631, have it hooked up to my motherboard, and it's awsome, really like it, but... When i look into my task manager, it will at times use 50% of my CPU. Is this normal for this to do that? I know for a fact it's not a virus, another program ect. Is there a fix for this? Thanks.
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I did have it set up to do that, and when i turned it off it now seems to be working just fine again. So i'm just not going to use it for that =]

Still am very pleased with this unit.

CF Mark

You can still use it.

The email checking code does use CPU time, but its set at idle priority, so it wont slow down any other applications/games that are running.


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i was just wondering if there is anyother way to fix this, i still would like to have it display e-mail status (once i get it to work, right now it just says E19) but the cpu (a 3.3GHz with HT) goes up to 50% at all times. i know it might not slow down any other programs like you say, but it boosts my temp at least 14 degrees celcius and the fans kick in which isn't good.

i was just wondering if there is any way to stop this while having it check e-mail or if CC2 will be coming out soon to fix this. also do you take donations to get CC2 done soon?

thanks for the help

edit: i have a 634 this is happening on