631 Button Programming

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CC2 will support the buttons. The core of CC2 already does--but there is not yet a screen set available that uses those functions.

We will try to get some demonstration screen sets that use the buttons to navigate through the screen set built up for the ongoing CC2 beta.

The largest customers for both the CFA-631 and the CFA-633 are OEMs that mount the module as part of their front panel. These customers typically write their own custom application, perhaps borrowing from our published demonstration code source.

We are happy that some SFF/modder enthusiasts find the CFA-631 and CFA-633 attractive, and we are working on CC2 in order to offer a more complete package to that segment, but the software is coming together a bit more slowly than we had hoped.
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i recently won a CF 631 a few months ago at a LAN and i know one of the beta testers. i was wondering will the 631 hardware be distributed freely to the 631 owners or will we have to pay a small fee for it. the hardware im talking about is the wiring piece that allows the buttons to be used as the power button, reset button, etc.

if this doesnt make sense let me know and ill try to clarify
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Well its been a little while so I thought I would pop in and see how CC2 was coming along. Still looks like its in beta testing but an idea on a release date as of yet?


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To fill this gap a little, CC2 does support changing of screens using the buttons on the 631 & 633.

I wont go into the details, but CC2 will have a full events system (its 1/2 written now).
First job after CC2 is released will be to write a screen-editor, then after this the events editor will be worked on allowing full keypad support.


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Altimat said:
Oops I'm an idiot!
We all do that sometimes, don`t worry about it. We`re all in CC2 now so just post there any time you need to. Oh, and welcome to the forums.




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Arrghh... why is this thread not a sticky?

Just received my 631, spent the whole day discovering the Crystal Control needs MBM to read tempreatures and my Shuttle SN25p isn't supported by MBM because MBM is not being developed any more.

The documentation received with my 631 screen told me to download Crystal Control version 1 and the website doesn't even link to version 2.

The only place I found out about it was in here... come on someone update the website and sort out the docuementation - to be honest a CD would have been much easier!

I take it the USB driver file: cf-usb-2154b.exe is the latest version?