631 Big characters

CF Tech

That is an example screen created by 631_WinTest to show some capabilities of the hardware.

I do not know of any other software that makes use of those capabilities (yet . . . :) ).


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Oh :(

Thats mean the bar graph characters are likewise not possible at the Moment!?

can all these characters be used when CC2 is Released!?
Is this correctly?

Sorry for this Englisch! Im a German User! ;)

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You are correct.

CrystalControl can not use custom-chars, bargraphs, big-chars, etc.

CrystalControl2 will do.


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why would u say cc2 is ready when i cant find cc2 to download anywhere :confused: ... when is it going to be avaible to download and where?????

CF Tech

We are still working on CC2 full time.

It is a complicated project and there are many details to be worked out.

We have some early adopters giving good feed-back and we already have some pretty cool plugins developed.

Here is a recent review of the (very early) beta and some comments from the author:


I assure you that we are just as anxious as you to release the software, and I thank you for your patience.


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Thank you!

Thank you for your reply! In this fickle economic environment, I have to keep my investors happy as well as my customers. We are all very excited to be able to take advantage of the excellent feature set the 631 has to offer.


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Re: Thank you!

xtort said:
Thank you for your reply! In this fickle economic environment, I have to keep my investors happy as well as my customers. We are all very excited to be able to take advantage of the excellent feature set the 631 has to offer.
All news gratefully recieved, better to know something than nothing. It looks like the 631 will be an even more powerful tool when CC2 is released, times are looking good once again.



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With the release of the article that CF Tech linked to, I feel that I can ethically talk about some of my beta test involvement.

First a little background. I bought a 631 early this year for my "media PC" I was building, and was thrilled with it's form factor and excited about what I could do with the buttons when the attached TV would be off.

Thinking CC2 would be around the corner since I had seen it discussed here, I posted and offered to get involved beta testing. After passing the secret test ;) (actually just explaining my background and what I thought I could do to help), I became a beta tester.

My initial reaction and post was probably not well thought out. Due to the missing GUI, I probably made CF Tech and CC Admin wonder why they let me beta test. However, since then, I think I've been a valuable contributor.

I've been very active in posting feedback, asking questions, writting little tools, and most recently writting many plug-ins. At times I've been a pest, but I'm fairly confident I've been a useful pest.

Plug-ins I've personally written include the display of:
  • - US weather by zip code

    - International weather by airport code

    - Big characters to the limit of the eight custom characters (yields either three letters or three digits plus a decimal point "squeezed in"; example includes BIG or 3.06)

    - Animated GIFs to the limit of the eight custom characters (could be 1 line X 8 chars or 2 lines X 4 chars or 3 lines X 2 chars or 4 lines X 2 chars where each line is 8 pixels high and each char is 6 pixels wide, for example a 2 line X 4 char GIF can be 16 pixels high by 24 pixels wide)

    - Zoom player information (similar to Winamp display information)

    - S.M.A.R.T. hard drive tempature reporting

    - Asus PCprobe tempature reporting (perhaps voltage info in the future, useful for those of us with motherboards not supported by MBM5)
Add this list to the rich set of plug-ins that the CC2 development team has done (Winamp support, Foobar support, MBM5 support, horizontal graphs, spectrum graphs, etc), and the plug ins being done by others, and you have a rich / powerful / configurable tool.

But with that power comes the difficulty and challenge of creating a GUI that lets the non-programmer use the capabilities. Released too early and without user friendly tools, all developer time would be spent on these boards answering posts and not doing more development.

It's a tough judgement call, and not mine to make :D

But one of the purposes of this post is to let all know the wait for CC2 will be worth it!!!

The other purpose of this post is to see if there is someone in the "user community" who can do quality user documentation, and would be willing to donate their time to the CC user community. If this is you, please private message me. I'm thinking that if we go off and develop a complete set of documentation, perhaps we might make a compelling case for a "use at your own risk" / "make no complaints" / "do not ask for support" pre-release of CC2.

My thinking is that we can not ask CC to consider this unless we have a "full package" of code and documentation ready to go. You help with the documentation, I'll help package the code, and more importantly CC Admin keeps on developing the GUI.

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