62? USB, Only talk about the lcd?


New member

I'm interested in getting a crystalfonts 62? usb unit.

All the reviews I found only talk about the lcd. I couldn't care less about a blink blink lcd. I want to be able to monitor my fans, control my fans, and monitor tempratures. I want to control how my fans react on temprature changes.

The unit looks like it will do this, but I'm a bit scared by the reviewers totally ignoring these (IMHO primary features), and only looking at how nice the lcd shines.

Can it do what I want it to?

Can I get it in the netherlands? I checked out shipping, and it's a whopping $40 bucks. Thats a lot of money for a <$100 device.
Any change of finding a european retailer?

Thanks, Lucas
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CF Mark

The 633 is the only CF unit that has fan control and temp monitoring.

So, youll want the 633.

The 633-Service and later CrystalControl2 will control the fans to keep CPU, Case, etc temps constant.