4 post Rack mount CrystalFontz Display.


New member
I am working on a data center that will have 12 Mac Mini's. What I would like to do is put the Mac Minis and some Crystalfontz displays in a 1U like shelf.
I was thinking of using the Crystalfontz 5.25" drive bay mounts and adding it onto a shelf that sets in the rack.

Has anyone done something like this?
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CF Support2

We are not aware of anyone specifically doing this - but don't see why it wouldn't work. The 5 1/4" drive bay kits are 1U in height and will fit nicely. SSome rack mount shelf units I've seen have some mounting holes on the sides. The middle units you would need some spacers to keep things algned. The screw we use are 4/40 in case you need longer ones for mounting.