3 dead lines of pixels on first row of LCD display

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I have an old electronic dictionary, that I haven't used in ages, it has a (HD44780 compatible, 8bit interface, LPT) 2x16 LCD display, I took it apart, and when i removed the screen itself I took it apart too (idiot me), then I accidently dropped it, and it now has some small cracks on the edges of the screen above the contacts.
Now when i put it back together, everything works fine and all the characters are displayed correctly, but 2nd-4th lines of dots on the first row (on all 16 chars) are just not lit. I have tried taking it apart, cleaning the contact areas and putting it back together, it didn't help.
I'm guessing that the cracked glass is what causing this to happen, is there any way I could fix it? becase when only 2 or 3 chars light up at the most left of the screen they all work, but the more chars light up the less visible these 3 lines become.

Here are some pics:
56kers beware, each pic is ~400-500kb

here are some XVID clips
www.thecoolest.zerobrains.com/Hidden_Stuff/1531.mpg (1.1mb)
www.thecoolest.zerobrains.com/Hidden_Stuff/1533.mpg (1.69mb)

If anyone has any ideas then please share them with me. I've knew it was damaged before I even desoldered it from the dictionary, but as this is my first attempt at doing something like this, I wanted to go through with it just to see what happens, and maybe get some practice, for the future, if I will do something like this again.

Please help!
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Well, the thing is that I cleaned these strips and they are glued to the LCD itself, so it wasn't much of a problem mounting it correctly. As I, all the characters appear properly, except those 3 lines are as if not getting any power... Did you look at the pics and clips I put up?

*EDIT:* I was also wondering what kind of "effect" will I get if I was to put the screen on in the wrong way? Like upside down?
Would I just get garbage on the screen?
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