3.5" 320x240 EVE Development Kit and a confused noob


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I am just getting started with your EVE development kit and have had no success so far, maybe you can help a noob out.
I have the CFAF320240F-035T display , a CFA10098 breakout board and a Seeeduino v4.2.

When First assembled and hooked up to power the screen came on and an animated Crystalfontz logo appeared. however trying to use the example code has not worked out at all. The Arduino source code provided from the link on the product page is not in an Arduino sketch file (.ino) but rather .c files .h files .bat files photoshop files. how are these loaded to the board?

i did find CFAF320240F035T.ino on GitHub but when loading that up i only bricked my set up, and now have a black screen. the serial monitor in Arduino shows that it Initializes the LCD but then i get the message "Card failed to initialize, or not present" and then goes into an endless loop "Filling LCD" but all i see is black.

there is several mentions in the demo code about copying files to the uSD card ?

am i supposed to be using the EVE asset builder and not the Arduino program? or do they somehow work together?

if anyone can shed some light onto my dark corner of the world it would be much appreciated

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On Github, the code you want is in this repository: https://github.com/crystalfontz/EVE_Demo_Code

The CFAF320240F-035T EVE board is called the CFA10086, so you will want the folder for that board. That folder is also in the Arduino source code folder, but I agree it could be more clearly indicated. Using CFA10086.ino, you can reload the demonstration.

When you open CFA10086.ino it will also open the relevant .h and .cpp files in the arduino ide. In CFA10086_defines.h you can set which aspects of the demo to load. Some of the demos require a uSD card and some do not, the code indicate which are needed.

Here is what the demo defines look like:

#define BMP_DEMO (0) //Background, uses uSD
#define BMP_SCROLL (1) //1=scrolling background, 0=static image
#define SOUND_DEMO (0) //Uses uSD
#define SOUND_VOICE (0) //1=VOI_8K.RAW, 0=MUS_8K.RAW
#define SOUND_PLAY_TIMES (10)
#define LOGO_DEMO (1) //Rotating logo (image in flash, no uSD)
#define LOGO_PNG_0_ARGB2_1 (1) //Compressed ARGB is 5000 bytes smaller
#define BOUNCE_DEMO (1) //Ball-and-rubber-band demo.
#define MARBLE_DEMO (0) //Uses uSD - spinning earth
#define TOUCH_DEMO (1)

You can turn them on by setting them to 1 and off by setting them to 0.

If you want to use a demo that requires a uSD card, you hook the uSD card up as described in CFA10086_defines.h and copy the uSD files onto the uSD before running the demo.

CFAF320240F035T.ino is for the display without the EVE board.