2 floppy (3.5) tall size LCD? is there one....

question for the LCD pro's ... I'm sure I came to the right place.

I'm doing a case mod and have the hopes of filling the lame 3.5 floppy bays (2) with one clean white/blue LCD, to finish it off.

The case already looks killer, however I think everyone will agree that an LCD makes n00bs wet their pants.

If someone could please reply and either show me where I missed them on the site, or tell me if its possible and for what cost. $$$

Thanks a ton - and if you're game for some CS - idle our IRC channel
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so to just reiterate what has been said...

there has not been an LCD developed for the space I am intending to fill. I find it hard to believe more people arent throwing their floppy drives out and modding that real estate.

I do appreciate your help.

Can anyone tell me if another place makes it? or if CF might be designing one...

|____(floppy space one)____|
|____LCD-seems logical_____|
|____(floppy space two)____|

anyhow - that was a waste - best wishes in MODDING!!!!

CF Tech

You can "mod" a CFA-634 behind that area, some peple have done that.

Print out the "one-to-one", cut it to size and see where you can fit it in.

My little unofficial survey at did not come up with too many "double-high" floppy case openings in a somewhat random selection of computers, so we do not have any "double-high" floppy size product in the works.

I do not know of any other manufacturer that makes anything like that either.