1602b display line problem


New member
hey guys

i am using the 1602b lcd connected to a NI-speedy 33 board, and trying to get it to work.

but i am encountering a problem that when it tries to switch to the 2nd line, it takes 25 inputs
before the character actually displays on the screen in the 2nd line

how do i fix this issue, which i want to have the character shows on the 2nd line of the lcd
immediately after the end of the 1st line

thanks guys
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If you look at the data sheet, on pages 8 and 10, you will see the addressing scheme for the character locations. The 2nd line is addr 0x40~0x4F, so to set the cursor to the 2nd line you have to issue a command 0xC0~0xCF, before sending the text.