128x160 TFT library needed for AVR


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Hello all,
I am trying to interface a small TFT (128x160) to an AVR Mega644 and am looking for some sort of library for TFT displays. I have seen some for the Arduino, but I am not using one. Any ideas where to look?

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About 12 years ago I did a project using CFA's CFAF320240 display, compiled using the AVR Studio 4 package. You are welcome to download that code from my forum post:

These are some C files that I wrote to do text rendering, and a few font files are included, also some rudementary graphic drawing routines that I accumulated online. Not sure that this qualifies as a "library", but you may find parts of it useful. The header files and #define statements allow you to customise the CPU port assignments, the initialization table, the display sizes, etc. Plus you can download my font editor to create/modify fonts.