10 pin HD44780


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I know this isn't an LCD from crystalfontz, but I just need some help really bad I've looked every where and the manufacturer is of no help. I have the LCD all wired up right, I'm sure acording to all the pin outs I've seen, anyway, I can see it scroll and do other things when you try to imput info with crystalfonts software or even any other software it doesn't really matter what ou use all that comes out on the screen is garble all kinds of symbols and stuff like that. I have tried a million different baud rates, a short cable a long cable, found one site that even had an out of ordinary pin out that i tried. I would just really like it to work, it's a 2x20 screen. i don't know what else to do short of throwing it out. could someone here maybe please help me out.
Also I tested it with the line testing software from crystalfonts and I just don't get what it's supposed to show you when it works. actually that's not true, it's supposed to put out the info in the two lines, but I only get blanks or a clear screen or a full top line of black blocks.
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With the CFAH test software you're supposed to measure if you've wired your unit right by setting one pin high at a time and checking with a voltmeter. I'm sure your's isn't correctly wired. Redo, do right :D.