0.98 Bug


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Hey bro,

Thanks for your continued support of this wonderful software. 0.98 works fine with the HD4470 now but I have found one minor bug. When CC is minimised and I use the hotkeys to change the display it turns off the alternate feature. If the program is maximised the Alternate feature stays on. It only does it if the proggie is minimised. Hope u can fix this querky lil bug for 0.99. So far I cant find any other bugs at all. Still waiting for the option to skip screens when not connected to the internet :) Hopefully u can have that feature by CC1.0!

Great work mate. Keep it up!
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CF Mark

Ok, thanks... didnt notice that.

The next/prev screen hotkeys BTW turn off alternating if it is on at the time.


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ohhh ok so it was intentional. Lol. I get the logic in it now! hahaha. Im a dumbass! LOL!

Please delete this thread so i dont have to see it every time I log into the forum and be reminded of my stupidity. LOL!!

catchya bro!

Thanx again


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i also found a bug or something that changed from 0.96 to 0.98.
in 0.98 it doesnt remember the position of that simulated lcd.

In 0.96 the position was remembered but in 0.98 the position is always centered on my monitor also then u change something in the config the simulated lcd returns to the centered position.