yet another hd44780 problem =S


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Hello, i jusy signed in this forum because i bought a 1x16 character display that uses a ks0062 or hd44780 compatible controller and i cant get it to work it only shows the first 8 blocks and thats all :( i built a parallel cable using this layout: pin 1 to 8 from the cable used to DB0 to DB7 pin 9 for strobe pin 14 for read/write pin 16 for RS and connected the 5v and ground cables to a molex connector still i just get those blocks :(.........when i enter the program and select the generic hd44780 it doesnt let me select a speed rate and its fixed to 0 that might be the problem? i dont know...............well if you guys could help me i would really appretiate it because i need to get this working by next friday anyways i would like to try to fix it after that but not in such a hurry in case i dont get answers so soon :(:(

well i hope to hear from u guys thank you in advance :p good day
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When you say "shows the first 8 blocks and thats all", do you mean it shows only 8 characters, or shows 8 completely dark character cells?

I'll assume "8 completely dark cells", which is the typical clue that the display is not being initialized by the software.

The generic reasons for this could be:
1. connected wrong (wiring error)
2. software is not sending proper command sequence
3. software is sending too fast for display

Maybe you could try a different piece of software.

P.S. I am not familiar with the "parallel port" lcd hookups, I'm just giving generic advice.

CF Support

We do not recommend the parallel modules (such as the one you are interested in) for end-user PC applications. These modules require more extensive wiring knowledge and the proper tools. These modules are primarily intended for OEM (manufacturer) use, and as such, we do not carry any cables, brackets, or serial adapters for these modules.

We do not offer end-user tech support on the CFAH*, CFAG* or CFAP* series modules in PC applications. We will not accept returns on CFAH*, CFAG* or CFAP* modules damaged in an attempt to connect them to a PC.

However, good wiring guides for HD44780 compatible LCD's can be found:

You can also go to and search for "assuming alphanumeric" and you will find a short Q/A post on parallel displays.