XE634BK-YMC displays only "{"


New member
I am wondering if anyone could kindly provide a tip to resolve the following strange problem:

My XE634BK-YMC displays only character "{".

It works fine on a computer running Windows XP. I installed driver the same way on another PC running Windows XP. I Use the same programs (our application, hyperterminal) on that PC, but it display only the character "{"

Any tip will be greatly appreciated.

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The problem was resolved after calling the technical support and followed the instructions of the previous thread to uninstall and install the drivers.

I am wondering why the obsolete drivers that caused my problem are still for dowloading at Crystalfontz Web site.

CF Tech

That is a good question. I'll see if we cannot either get them removed, or label them as only to be used with an older OS like XP or 2K.