wrong character shown at 634 (german characters)


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Hi there,

i recently purchased 634 serial LCD and i´m really amazed by the abilities it provides.

But the communication between the software and the cgrom seems to have a flaw.
I now spent about two hours searching this forums and didn´t find a solution, though i suppose that many other non-english/american users have similar problems, which are as follows:

Since i´m german my lcd should be able to display the characters ä (123) ö (124) ü (126) ß (190) (the numbers in brackets are the numbers on the cgrom map list, because i´m not sure if they are displayed on your computers monitor correctly)

And of course, if they are in this cgrom, the lcd can display them, but only if i type those map numbers in tilde´s (like ~126~ for ü) in CrystalControl software.

The weird thing about this is, if i type ü (which is the button on the right side of "p" on german keyboards) in the screen configuration it is displayed correctly and also on the virtual display on my computer monitor, but on the LCD it shows a "]" (252 on the map list).

ä (123) is displayed as symbol 233
Ä (91) is displayed as symbol 196
ö (124) is displayed as symbol 246
Ö (92) is displayed as symbol 215
ü (126) is displayed as symbol 252
Ü (84) is displayed as symbol 230
ß (190) is displayed as symbol 223

Those are the most important among other "mislinked" characters.
Don´t get me wrong: If i just wanted to display the characters i could use the codes, but i want my LCD to display some Internet based messages, like news in german. And they do not send them with the appropriate codes.


Thanks for reading this question and hopefully giving me an answer, which solves teh problem!
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Thank you for your post.

Can you try using WinTest to see if the characters display from the CGROM as you would expect? WinTest uses \xxx format to send arbitrary characters, where xxx is a 3-digit decimal number (like \065 or \128).

Please note that the characters shown in red in the CGROM must be shown with the sequence "\030\001\xxx" in WinTest (ref page 17 of the CFA-634 data sheet).

That will let us know if we need to look at the hardware or software.


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wow, that´s fast, but didn´t really help!

Of course, i did this before posting my question.

Typing "ü" results in {252=0xFC} in the data sent box and displays the "]"
Typing "\126" results in ~ in the data sent box and displays the "ü"

Thanks anyway!

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So basically what you want is that a certain set of codes sent from the PC be translated to another set of codes just before they are sent to the display. Correct?

I will see if CC Admin can look at this issue to see if it is possible.
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