Would it be possible for an LCD manufacturer to restore a vintage LCD?


New member
I have a rather desirable old Casio from 1986, which has a poorly-sealed LCD... It has begun to let air in the edges. I can smoosh the bubbles around (which show up as black splodges) and try to push them out, but it seems like there isn't enough fluid left to keep them at bay.

It occurs to me that perhaps I can harvest a couple of tiny drops of fluid from old phone LCDs, but aside from the difficulty of getting the watch LCD to suck it up, there's the problem of sealing it in there... I can't think of any way which won't risk damaging the tiny contact strips along top and bottom of the display; properly masking them seems impossible.

But maybe a company which makes LCDs would have the means to top up and seal an old LCD...? Is this a crazy pipe pipe dream, or is it in the realm of possibility?
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