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Ringo Kid

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The 635 and SCAB I ordered arrived today. I expected it Monday, but with Fedex you never know. After I reengineered the internal USB cable by replacing the individual MB connecters with a nice 2 x 5 shell; I hooked it up and everything worked out of the box. This thing looks great in my black Lian Li case. For now I'll use one temperature probe connected to my four case fans. It's amazing how much more quiet things are when you loose 1200 RPM. I grabbed the temperature sensor and the fans started to ramp up. Just what I wanted and so much better than reostats. I don't understand why people want to turn knobs unless there is some sort of a strange perverse thing going on.

I may have to brush up on my C and come up with a thing or two myself.

Enough of that.

I selected a couple of screens in Crystal Control and they display just fine when Alternate is enabled.

The question I have is is there a way to cycle through the screens using the keypad when Alternate is disabled?
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CF Mark

Congrats on buying an awesome LCD module :)

Yes, you can flick through screens using the keyboard (and also do a lot of other things), but setting it up requires some manual editing of the CC2 INI files.
It can be a rather daunting task, as they are pretty complicated.

There is a thread here on how to use the cc2_keyboard plugin to do what your after:

If you need any help getting it working, just ask :)

Ringo Kid

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I was actually referring to using the 635 keypad. It's OK though, I found Jim C's programming guide and that is what I needed to become really dangerous.

One suggestion I have is centralizing all documentation; Crystalfontz and otherwise. I write software professionally and nothing fustrates me more than not finding the information I need. The question I always pose is "how the hell can I know it does that if you don't tell me it can do that!?!?"

Maybe I'm a dinosaur in this industry, but I still like a manual! That is one very large reason why I selected Crystalfontz over Matrox Orbital, Innovatek etc. First thing I looked for was how much current the fan circuits could handle. The second thing I looked for was "what happens if the the system hangs?" Both was covered in the Crystalfontz documentation; good luck finding this information on the competitor's website!


In today's age, manuals have been replaced by forums, "blogs", "tech" support, etc. I originally wrote the guide (very condensed version) for myself, so that I could find the information I needed in 1 place.

It just so happened that it worked well enough for use here.:)