Windows Mediaplayer support in CrystalControl2


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Sorry for my bad english :-(

1. june 2004 i asked you in an e-mail about Windows Mediaplayer support in CrystalControl.

This was the mail:
LCD software

Your Question:
Is there a posibility to add suport for windows mediaplayer in the
CrystalControl software.

I also use Windows mediaplayer on my computer, and it had ben nice if it could work with the display to.

Because then i can get titles from movies and song titles on the display.

Thanks from Kristian Skaane Norway.
You said:
Thank you for your inquiry.

When CrystalControl 2 is released, which should be within the next couple of
months, there will likely be support for windows media player.

You should post all inquiries about CrystalControl to the CrystalControl forums.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Now almost 2 years later i finaly find the CrystalControl2 software, not on your ordinary page, but after some searching...

I install it and find no support for Windows Mediaplayer...

Can some one please tell me whats wrong...

I do like my 634 serial LCD a lot, but it seems to me a little strange when a well used program as Windows Mediaplayer is not supported.

I hope to get a nice answer to this question,

Thank You...

From Norway

Kristian Skaane
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CF Mark

Windows Media Player is not supported in either CrystalControl1 or CrystalControl2.

Making a WMP plugin for CrystalControl2 is on the to-do list, but i cannot say when itll be done.

If you can try other software, Winamp2 is supported by CrystalControl2.
Winamp2 can play music and movies.


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Yes i know winamp, but winamp is not good suported in myHTPC witch is the program i use to acess all the media in my HTPC.

Mediaplayer is fully supported.

Thats the deal.