Windows Media Player 9


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Has anyone found LCD software with a decent WMP9 plugin? I'd like to see at least the title of the media file being played, as well as perhaps a time counter. Does such a thing exist?

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LCDSmartie does it. Do the following:

  • Get LCDSmartie (
  • Get the NowPlaying plugin for WMP (
  • Install both according to the directions. You may need the port95nt.exe driver ( if you're using an NT-based OS like NT4, Win2000, or XP
  • Enable the plugin in Windows Media Player. Check the plugin settings and find out which file it's writing to - you need to know the full path. FYI, it will write the song name and artist name to this file. You can also configure messages for when WMP is stopped or inactive.
  • Create a new screen in LCDsmartie.
  • Put this command in the textarea:
    $File("C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\np_info.txt",1)
    obviously replacing the file path with your own.

There you go! It works well for me. PM me if you need any help getting it going. I will warn you, while LCDsmartie is a little more feature-full then CrystalControl, it seems to have stability problems on some machines (works fine on one PC in my house, crashes the other...)

~ Drew