Window and RF gasket


New member
Is there source for a precut RF gasket for the display of the CFA-835 (or -635/735)? I could use an adhesive strip, but a single-piece version would save a lot of time when assembling 100 of them.

Also, is it recommended to use a window to protect the LCD screen? If so, any good source for them?
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CF Kelsey

Staff member
For ESD protection, we typically recommend that the display be mounted behind a sheet of plastic (GE Lexan 0.030" HP-92 may be a good choice). Typically the "frame ground" of the display would be connected to your grounded metal chassis through metal mounting hardware. The signal ground would come from your PCB and not be connected to the frame ground at the LCD.

We have Lexan sheets used in our XES modules and can sell them separately. Please email for pricing, etc.
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