Winamp spectral analyzer


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I really have problems by installing something about this winamp spectral analyzer.
I tried diffrent kinds of WA-versions and some diffrent so called plug-ins.
Nothing works !:confused:
If there is anybody who can help me, please contact me via e-Mail.
I'm running a 634 USB LC-Display.
I don't mind if it works with Winamp3 or Winamp 2.xx.
I just want to check if it works generally!

My e-Mail:

thanx a lot :)
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Maybe only Winamp 2.xx

...but can you tell me how to install and configure may Fontz and the Winamp, so that it works ???

I've already read about that issue that it only works with Winamp 2.xx.....
So if you can give me more advises, it would be very nice !