Win7 Upgrade: 635 Help


Recently upgraded XP to W7. Installed the USB drivers for my 635, no problem. Installed CC, set for "run as user tray app"; wouldn't auto-start & gave a memory reference error upon a restart/shutdown of the computer. So, I reset it to run as a service. That seemed to solve my problem as for starting.

After the config, I added one screen. But yet, I can't find where the *.ini files are being stored. They're not appearing my the CC2 folder under "Program Files" due to the fact that W7 has the whole thing set as read only. I can attempt to change the properties of it (on an admin account), but it gets set right back! What do I do here? I was trying to get the LEDs going, again, as per this thread.
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CF Mark

INI and the log files get stored in the "C:\ProgramData\CrystalControl2" directory under Win7.
Its a hidden directory, so youll need to turn on viewing of hidden/protected directories to navigate to it in explorer.

There is a newer version of CC2 in beta testing at the moment that fixes a few issues.
Ill make it available early this week.