Wide Temperature 320x240 Graphic LCD Module?????!!!!


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Wide Temperature 320x240 Graphic LCD Module
(right now i can't view the pdf file but....)
Ok I'm thinking about buying this!!
How big is it really?(3bays, or 2bays)
How would I install it?? Does it have the side mounts already or not? Any connectors?

And I might just toss my cooler master aerogate II to the side, since I have one extra slot and I don't currently have and use for audigy 2 frontface panel. I might just have 2-3 bays open.

My case has 5 slots, but I'm wondering and hoping this will do the samee trick as a thermal monitor plus hardware monitoring.....right???

Please help me before I make my last minute decision,
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CF Support

We do not recommend the parallel modules (such as the one you are interested in) for end-user PC applications. These modules require more extensive wiring knowledge and the proper tools. These modules are primarily intended for OEM (manufacturer) use, and as such, we do not carry any cables, brackets, or serial adapters for these modules.

We do not offer end-user tech support on the CFAH*, CFAG* or CFAP* series modules in PC applications. We will not accept returns on CFAH*, CFAG* or CFAP* modules damaged in an attempt to connect them to a PC.

The serial modules and kits (634, 633, 632 models and kits: http://www.crystalfontz.com/products/select_kit.html) are best suited for PC applications.

Please see this forum thread for our PCuser LCD recommendations: