WHS User Suggestions Need!


Hi ya-all!


Calling all WHS users! I recently acquired Windows Home Server and I am starting to write a series of screen files for use with WHS. These screens will make use of existing CC2 plug-ins. Any plug-ins specific to WHS will come much later, although I doubt there will be much need. There is simply a wealth of information that can be obtained directly from the Windows Performance Monitor Information and Windows Management Instrumentation databases. Perhaps too much information, as it is somewhat overwhelming perusing these databases.

Anyway, I am here to ask anyone in the CC2 community who has, or plans to purchase, WHS what information that you like to see displayed on a Crystalfontz display. I am not an IT/server kind of person, so I am sure that there may be all sorts of network-related data that would be useful to display that I am not aware of.

Currently, I have the following screens running:

- Current time/Up-time (old, stock screen)
- CPU marquee info screen (old, updated using WMI data)
- CPU usage screen (old, updated using WMI data)
- C: drive Freespace (old, updated using WMI data)
- D: drive Freespace (old, updated using WMI data)
- Network adapter info screen (new, includes router IP address and local adapter MAC address)
- Network info (new, includes computer name, domain name, local IP address, network bandwidth)
- HD SMART info (new, HD name, Power-On hours, temperature, CRC error count)

I am planning on adding Network traffic data and related information. However, what specific data would be desired??, because once again, I’ll remind you that I am not an IT/server kind of guy.

So, anyone who is around (particularly you server-kind of dudes) that could provide suggestions, it would be most appreciated! Of course, ya-all will be able to make use of these screens, hopefully sooner than later.

FWIW, CC2 installed flawlessly. I have removed the monitor from the WHS machine and I do my CC2 work (and all WHS stuff) on the server using Remote Desktop from a Vista 64-bit machine. Perfect for those of you out there who have a “true” headless server box!

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions!
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