White LED Backlight Life


New member
I have been thinking of the issue of the dimming of the White-LED based backlights of which my 633 is starting to show symptoms of.

Might I suggest the following as a way to extend the life of the unit before having to resort to actions akin to transplant surgery.

While designing (or revising) a product that uses White-LED based backlights, include a redundant backlight circuit with it's own set of LEDs that stay off until a command to the microcontroller on the unit forces this backup circuit to become the main backlight source.

I can see that it would add a little to the price of a unit for the extra LEDs, current limiting resistors and any extra components used in a backlight, but I feel that for the extended backlight lifespan, people would pay the extra cost. I know I would.
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CF Tech

We are actually in the middle of doing something along those lines. By adding more LEDs, and running them at lower current, the backlight lifetime can be extended. So there will be some revsions in the next few months that make changes along this line.