Where is JP2 on CFA-631?


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I have a CFA-631 w/ the SCAB module. I'd like to power the display using the 3.5" floppy connector, which means I need to open JP2 on the 631.

However, I can't seem to locate JP2 on the 631 board at all.

I checked the v1.0 data sheet, but could find no mention of it. In the v2.0 data sheet, it shows where JP2 is, but on my board, there's nothing there. :confused:

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CF Tech

I assume you have a V1? If that is the case, there is no way to open JP2 because it does not exist.

It should not cause any trouble, JP2 is really only a precaution, I have never seen any trouble having it closed, we just did not like the idea of the possibility of current flowing from the floppy connector back through the USB.


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Yes, I have a V1. I plugged in a floppy connector to the SCAB, and it seems to be a-ok. :)

Thank you for your prompt reply!