Where are the LCD_635.INI and CC2_SERVICE.INI files?

Mike Eckman

New member
I recently purchased a CFA-635 with the SCAB module for my home server. The server is running Windows Home Server 2011 (basically the same thing as Windows Server 2008). I had no problems with the installation and driver installation. I had no problems installing CrystalControl2, and even setup my first 4 screens showing some stats of the server.

Now I want to tackle getting the status LEDs and buttons to work. I found the following two threads on this site:



Both of those threads mention modifying files called lcd_635.ini and cc2_service.ini which are supposedly located in the installation folder where CrystalControl2 is located. I have the program installed to D:\Program Files (x86)\CrystalControl2. Inside that folder are no INI files. There are a bunch of DLLs and a few applications, and 3 folders. The 3 folders are named documentation, extras, and screens. But no INI files.

Please tell me I am missing something incredibly simple here. I have searched these forums and havent seen anyone mention not being able to find any of the INI files.

Otherwise everything works great! :)
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Mike Eckman

New member
Solved my own question

I swear I spent hours looking for this last night, and 5 minutes after posting this thread, I found them. For anyone else who has this question, they are located in:


Apparently under newer versions of Windows, these files are located in this folder regardless of where you actually installed the program!