what USB adaptor to get with the 633?


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Getting ready to buy a 633 LCD and got 2 questions:
1. what USB adaptor to get, im getting an it7 mobo, and i dont care what model it is, because its gona get ripped apart anyway :)
2. How do the buttions actually work? I understand that it goes from the screen though the serial, and the software interpurts it, but is there any writeup on how to program for the 633?
Thanks Again!
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cp10932 said:
There is no software that uses the buttons on the 633 yet. Supposedly, future version of CC will.
oh i realize this, im asking more for the USB adaptor, I want to write my own software to control the LCD so im questioning exactly what gets send to the serial port when a buttion is pressed

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For programming examples, please look at the source code for 633_WinTest:


633_WinTest is a bit complicated, so here is an ultra-simple command line program that communicates with the 633 (including showing keystrokes):


And a Linux port of the same thing:


The data sheet also documents all the commands and responses:



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How's the 633 soft. coming?

How is the 633 software coming along? I'm very, very interested in ordering it but I am waiting for the CC program. Keep up the good work. Also, how are the colored serial displays coming? I know a while back ago I asked if you were developing a blue/white scheme and you answered yes. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.