What kind of relay/circuit do I need...


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..to switch a CCFL on/off with the SCAB GPIO0.(replacing the manual switch)
I read that it sink 25ma and source 10ma.
So would a 10ma 12VDC relay do?
Do I need anything else? Diode, resistors etc. Where do they go in the circuit?

Sorry for all the questions... I'm better a software than hardware.....

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According to the CFA-635 data sheet, which is the origin of the GPIO signals, they are 0~5V, so you would have to use a 5V relay. It would be a good idea to add a diode across the coil, cathode to positive. For a low current, like 10 or 25 mA, you'll probably have to use a reed relay (you can get those with the diode built in).
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What voltage and current does the CCFL take?

If you have a SCAB, you might be able to hook the CCFL directly to a fan connector, or use the fan connector to trigger the relay.


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@Cosmicvoid: Thanks, I guess I need a reed relay with diode built in that take 10ma @ 5V to activate and let 12V pass on the other side to feed the CCFL. Would something like the 8L01 do?


@CF Tech: Unfortunately, all my fan headers will be taken...