Weird Problem with Keyboard/634


New member
When ever i have my 634 running , I cant use the backspace key on my keyboard,, if i disable the 634, the back space key works fine. Microsoft keyboard (ps2)... HELP!!
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CF Tech

I do not think the hardware could possibly interact that way, which leaves the software.

Try unloading all the LCD software apps and seeing ig that makes it work. Then reload until it breaks. That program is then probably causing the problem.


New member
Its your program thats causing the problem, when i shut the program down, the backspace key works. Havent tried anyother software yet
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CF Mark

Its got to do with the new hotkeys CrystalControl is supporting.
A couple of other people have reported the same problem :(

The best idea might be to try an older version of CrystalControl, until i get this problem fixed.
Older versions are avaliable here: