Weird problem: 634USB flashes on and off.


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I'm having a realy weird problem that appeared mid-last week with my 634USB where the will constantly turn itself on and off constantly (back-light flashes & XP sounds its device connected/disconnected tone repeatedly)

My computer is as listed in my Sig, I have also tested it on a KT333 , a KT133A & a nForce1 board with the same problem

I have both CrystalControl 1.03 & CrystalControl2 beta2 installed

Any ideas?

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CF Tech

What cables are used between the 634 and the PC?

It sounds like when the backlight turns on, the voltage drops and the USB portion resets. This could be caused by an extension cable or a some other factor reducing the voltage at the display.
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Ok, well today I ripped apart an old USB extension cable, cut pins 1&4 off the male end and soldered them directly onto my R9700pro's power connector (I would have used a Molex but I have none spare :eek:), so now it's pulling it's +5v directly from the PSU and working like a champ again :)