Want to put my 633 to use


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I just got my new 633, I've downloaded software for LCD's but everytime I go to run the software, I get errors summing everything up as it can't open com or it's locked.

Although I can use Win Test for the 633 just fine.

Can anyone throw me some links?

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i had the same trouble i think its because the other software sites are not updated yet to work the new 633 with keypad lcdriver is releasing an update that will include the 633 also lcd center at borderfield.com i am waiting also to use mine wintest works but its a bit compicated for me let me know how u get on


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Your right, the 633 uses CRC16 to make things work. It's more robust then how the other LCD's work. I'm learning it now.

I going to program my own Driver for it, something I want. Once I figure out how to use CRC and VB to do it. Last night I was working with it, in trying to get something to display on my LCD and I got upset. (excuse my language) but typed "God Damnit" and didn't pay attention to anything. When back to work to figure out how this all works. Got tired closed everything down, then after awhile I looked at my LCD Display and it said God Damnit in the top line.

Using the Debugger I can make it do anything I want... It is complicated at 1st. Download the pdf file it tells you how to use...

What you do is in the command box any of your instructions your going to give it are typed kinda like this "/000/000/000/000" replace the 0's with whatever numerical value is required. That example I typed is a data length of 4. See where I get that? /000/000 is a data length of 2. Like I said download and read the PDF and it'll make things all clear and describe how to use the debugger to set up fan reporting. Once you set up fan reporting you can just flash that to the memory and it'll stay like that forever. Would be nice to be able to store an entire Driver in there, that the keypad would use to adjust contrast, brightness, allow to you select the temps you want, fan speeds, fan control.... All that stuff so that way if your not in windows or whatever OS you use. It's still functional, in the way you can turn all your fans all the way up, or down if need be. I don't know if thats feasible yet. I believe you would need a substantial amount of ROM for that.

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Here are some demo strings that you can can "right-click", "paste" into the "Packet Debugger" of 633_WinTest:

Command 21: \000\001\000\004\004\000\002
Command 21: \001\002\001\005\010\000\001
Command 21: \002\001\000\004\004\001\002
Command 21: \003\002\001\005\010\001\001
Command 7: CPU rrrrR ttttt\223
Command 8: CSE rrrrR ttttt\223

They will display the first two fans and the first two temperatures.

To save that as your default boot screen:

Command 4: {no data}


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i think your a bit more technically minded than me im still a newbie so i need to digest things a bit longer lol ill give it a go what u have said i think with the other software ie lcdcenter and lcdriver u will be able to do it from keypad once u have entered the rellevant information all the string lines are done for u u just cut and paste them in fact if u take a look at the lcdcenter current version u just pick what u want to do example fan temp setup and the code is there already u just press insert and away u go they should i presume enable control features with the keypad we will have to wait and see any idea when they are releasing update?:)
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