VISA resource connection issues with CFA635-TFE-KS


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I am attempting to use the LabView software that came with the LCD. However, in "CF open device.VI", LabView produces the error "Property Node (arg 1) in CF open" when the settings (baud rate, stop bits, etc...) of the VISA resource session are set by a property node at the very beginning of the VI. The default settings that are being written to the property node are all correct, as per pg. 25 of the document located at Help in establishing the session is greatly appreciated!
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CF Tech

I am sorry, but I do not have any knowledge of LabView.

Has support for the CFA-635 been added to LabView?

I do not think it would work without a specific driver added, since the CFA-635 uses a binary packet and the CRC must be correct.