Virtual COM port required for USB 634 access?


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I'm thinking about making an external LCD display based on the USB634, the goal of the project is to write opensource drivers that can talk to it directly through the USB port instead of a virtual com port which is how it seems to be set up now. This is much like what LCDriver 2 was supposed to be but my project will have two major differences, one, I actually plan to release mine, and two mine will have native USB support without reliance on virtual serial ports. My question is: is this sort of thing feasable, and if so do you have anything that may be helpfull to me? Thanx for the help

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CF Mark

The USB 634/632s can be accesed without using a virtual COM port.
There are windows drivers to do this.
I just saw no point in writing support into CrystalControl for it.

What would the advantages be?
The only one i can think of is slightly easier setup.


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Where can I get the drivers or do they come with XP? Easier setup is a plus but the real reason is that I want to learn to work with USB ports and this seems to be an easy way to do so.