VB Communication with a 632 panel

Dave B

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Having just purchased a 632 2 line panel i'm a little lost. Im trying to communicate with it and found, via your links the 'henrik' pages with VB com files - great thinks i - I'm reasonably familiar with that approch - marvellous. but can i get them to work, no. He seems to have three different dll approches for a windows platform: a Crystalfontz dll, a serialcom dll and another called MAtrix something or other. After following the examples several times (and altering the syntax errors) the the closest I get is the Crystallfontz dll. It give me data to the panel but not in a recognisable format, nor does it raise any errors, as far as its concerned it works fine!. The built in VB Comm control gives pretty much the same level of unintelligble response to most attempts.

Judging by the age of these pieces of code they 'must' work and I must be doing something stupid or missing a basic step but what ?

My basic aim is to refine an exsiting VB project of mine that collects data from bar codes on 95/98 mc's with no screens. I wanted to use the display to give users feedback such as when they swiped the barcode etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated ie have the Henrik dll's got a good reputation, are his principles sound and what am i doing wrong. The product looks great and works fine with the demo programme WinTest but, without wishing to offend and remaining polite, this is a pain in the rear.
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CF Tech

I believe Henrik's software is written for 9600 baud. The v2.x displays support up to 19200 baud, and 19200 baud is their default.

Please see this thread for instructions on changing the baud rate.
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