Using VB and 633


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I'm able to open the comport to my 633 but as far as getting anything to display on the screen I can't seem to do it...

I'm very much a newbie to VB, I'm reading the VB6 for dummies as we speak and I have another book on VB6 that I'm gonna ues when I'm down with the dummies, anyways.

Maybe someone can supply with something that would at least display "Hello" when click ok or whatever on the form I'm pretty positive I can take over from there.
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CF Tech

Did you take a look at the source for 633_WinTest? You must make a packet with the correct CRC before the 633 will respond.

These guys have some software that looks like it might talk to the 633, but I'm not sure (my German is not too good . . .):


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I'll take a look at the CRC, although I am just a newb. And I mean an extreme Noob :D

Also that software you directed me to doesn't work with the 633. Hopefully someone will have something simple until I can program something I want.

Thanks for the support though, it's much appreciated!


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633 support will be added to LCDMax after the final version is being released.

right now LCDMax supports 632 & 634 serial displays and those work flawlessly under W98 / 98SE, XP and W2K


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Depending on how things work out, I may make a vb control to handle all the packet encapsulation etc


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I haven't really had much time, but how hard would it be to make a small control util just to display text on the screen???

If I could some source that allowed that in VB, I think I could take it from there. :)