Using GPIOs'


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I have a 635 that I would like to use the GPIO functions on.
Are the following possible via a screen file or editing service.ini: -

Read a GPI and detect when it has been pulled to ground (or high) then activate the onboard LEDs'

Detect an LCD button press and activate a GPO.

I've found the configuration code to activate the LCDs' & detect button presses, although I can't see any references to the GPIOs' apart from the source code. Which leaves me stuck as I'm not a programmer.

I found one reference to using the fan controller to drive a relay via a button press. Does this need the scab module or can the signal be picked off the back of the 635.

Any help would be appreciated.


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CF Mark

There is no way to use the GPIO's using CrystalControl2 at the moment :(

Ill add it as a to-do for the next release, but im unsure of when that will be (probably a few weeks away).

CF Mark


It is still on my to-do list.
Sorry about the delays, i have been busy working on other Crystalfontz projects.
Earliest i can look at making this happen is early March :(