Using a small Bar TFT with non-Seeduino controller?


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Hi! I'm working on a small project that needs a wide-format small touchscreen. (The project is basically a clock with a nice user interface via touchscreen). It looks like this display would be perfect:

However, I want to confirm that I have the right understanding for what I would need to run this. It looks like I'd need an EVE breakout board:

I'd also need a compatible controller. The seeeduino is included in the 3.9" controller kit, but is too large to fit into my project housing.

Would it be reasonable to use this Adafruit Arduino-compatible controller?

Anything else I'm missing? Many thanks!
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CF Kelsey

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The 5.2" bar type display is not an EVE display and will not work with the EVE breakout board. This display is the same aspect ratio, but slightly smaller diagonal dimension and has the EVE board on the back:

The EVE display with the EVE breakout board can be driven by any microcontroller that can output SPI at 3.3v. It appears that the controller you linked can be modified to run at 3.3v logic, and as far as I can tell would be fine for use with the EVE.

You also mentioned you're looking for a touchscreen? The 5.2" display you linked has no touch screen. If you need a touchscreen, this is the module I would recommend: