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Remember in CC1 how we used to add our own text to the LCD panel? Once we get the screen/events editor we`ll probably be able to do that again. Thankfully though, owing to the sheer brilliance of the CC2 Tech/Admin in the way CC2 was implemented, we have a temporary fix in the way of the following three screens.


When loaded in CC2 as a screen will offer a text input box. The text you type in here will be added to line one of the LCD panel in the centre position. The text you type in the second box will be added to line two of the LCD panel again in the centre position. The displayed text will be static unless you exceed 20 characters on the CFA 631 on each line, a space is counted as a character too. If you exceed the count then the text will automatically scroll.

By adding this screen and then hitting the `restart CC2` button you should get the desired screen. Unload the screen, reload and enter fresh text and you have an updated display any time you wish.


Works exactly the same way as the screen above with the 20 character rule and the text input boxes. Except that, the top line is static-say for a title or name and the bottom line scrolls even if the text is less than 20 characters.


Now this one is for the brave amongst you, not too much to worry about. Instead of a text box for each of the two lines you can enter your own text in the file itself at the indicated places. This will display until you next change the file. It can be edited in notepad, just be careful (don`t select `always use notepad to edit files of this type`. Now if you inspect the other two screens closely you will seee the slight changes necessary for scroll and centre. Answers on a postcard to the usual place.......

All three screens are zipped into one file for your convenience. File size is not excessive anyway as these are basically text files.

Please remember all screens are written/amended by enthusiasts and used at your own risk. Have fun and enjoy, please remember too that the CC2 team have worked long and hard on these enhancements for your benefit, feedback is appreciated-both good and bad.

These screens are for the CFA 631 model

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