usb to parallel

jo houston

New member
I have been running a; HD44780, 80mm x 36mm, 16 x 2 matrix, reflective, parallel port connected, lcd display, in a mounting that can't be changed.

I have been running Winamp and CrystalControl on the LCD.

I want to free up the parallel port and its 10 wire interface (plus 5volt + - power leads) by changing to a USB interface (4 wire including power)

Size is the limiting factor.

It appears I cannot get a USB 80mm x 36mm LCD module.

Is there someway I can convert my current parallel LCD module to a USB or other connection and still run CrystalControl.

Is there any new 80mm X 36mm display I can run off a USB and CrystalControl
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CF Tech

People have tried those before. I think it was decided that the USB driver that comes with the cable does not give a low enough level of control over the individual pins, so software that tries to use the printer port as a general purpose port (like all the parallel LCD software) does not work.