USB and 632


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Hello folks, I just got a 632 with internal usb connector and my mobo legend doesn't match the pins on the cable. Can you tell me where they go? I know the ground ( duh ) but the D+, D-, and the 5v are confusing me. It's an Abit Nf7-S. Thanks:confused:
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How are the pins labeled on the motherboard?

Do you have a link to the motherboard's manual?


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Hello. Not wanting to sound impatient but I sent the link. I can scan the page of the manual and send it if that's better for you.
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Hi there!
Connect like this:
   In Manual:   On cable:
Using 0
   VCC0    -   5v
   Data 0-  -  D-
   Data 0+  -  D+
   GND      -  GND

Or using 1
   VCC1     -  5v 
   Data 1-  -  D-
   Data 1+  -  D+
   GND      -  GND