USB 635+CC2 stuck on boot screen after Standy


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USB 635+CC2 stuck on boot screen after Standby

I am using CC2 and a USB 635 on my machine. I setup my computer to go to Standby mode when the power button is pushed. However, when the machine is resumed, the 635 powers up just fine but Crystalfontz boot screen continues being displayed. If I manually going into the the CC2 configuration and click the Restart button, my user-defined CC2 screens come back.

Previously, I was using hibernate and without problem. This is only occurring to me when Standby is used.

Any ideas?
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CF Mark

XP or Vista?

Either way... there will be a new version of CC2 out soon which has had quite a lot changed in the way CC2 start & stops.
Hopefully this new version will fix your problem, and if not, I'll look at the problem then.


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I'm having the same problem on XP. It seems the CC2 service needs to be manually restarted after a resume from standby -- then things are fine. I am looking forward to your next release.


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I'm having the same problem here.

Is there any way i can assign keyboard shortcut for restart aplication?


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IPower Cycle: Try powering off the device completely, wait for a few seconds, and then power it back on.
Check Connections: Ensure that all the cables and connections are properly seated.
Firmware Update: Check if there's a firmware update available for your USB 635+CC2. Updating the firmware might help resolve compatibility issues.